DevOps is gaining popularity as a way out of the unending struggle between the need for developers to innovate and IT’s agreement to assure reliability and availability of infrastructure.

Mustang Solutions DevOps emphasizes collaboration, automation, integration, and communication, thus, ensuring agile delivery and removing bottlenecks in software development. DevOps focusses at associating the gap between the operations & development teams, and quicker delivery of applications. Ground-breaking solutions are empowered by reducing the time lost and swiftly bringing innovative competencies in the procurement of responses. As a DevOps consulting partner, we ensure close collaboration between the IT operations team and the software engineering teams. Our expert pool of consultants helps in enhancing your IT processes, to have trust in the software solution. As a skilled DevOps service provider, we focus on a management culture which enhances the entire software setup to complete collaboration, communication, and integration. Our DevOps consulting service manages infrastructure, procedures and tools, delivery and maintenance of software operations.

We are offering a software trend in DevOps to

  • Streamline the IT processes by bringing development and operations team together
  • Identifying and Applying an automated process
  • Focus on faster time to market deliverable
  • Greater business agility

Our technology expertise is highly skilled in DevOps Implementation and Practices.

  • Creating a robust software automation environment for builds and continuous integration & deployment.
  • Regular security audits of networks, environments and applications.
  • Automated configuration management of different environments e.g. production, sandbox and more.
  • Load balancing, automation scaling and automation failover solutions.
  • Using disaster free and recovery automated approaches.
  • Real-time Software and Hardware monitoring with alert systems

DevOps Implementation Consulting

Ready to start the dialogue between your development and operations team, but not sure, which steps to make first? Our consulting to services you and

Identify the best DevOps model and toolchain for your business needs and ultimate goals.

Develop the definitive services blueprint along with a step-by-step roadmap for in-house implementation.

Optimize your existing IT structure and resources usage.

Meet your goals faster, with fewer errors and less investment involved.

DevOps Services Integration

We are here to support on reducing your funds and efforts on non-scalable tasks. Our technology experts develop a custom environment that will grow with your company and bring you tangible benefits.

  Impeccable, stable software architecture is prone to any disaster.

  Clean, complete environment, which is easy to maintain and support.

  A powerful shift to continuous integration & deployment.